bucket list

This is my ever-growing list of things to do before I die. Hopefully you have some of the same ambitions I do!

  1. go to all 50 states
  2. make chocolate dipped strawberries
  3. see ball drop in NYC
  4. rock climb
  5. learn to ski
  6. drink in irish pub
  7. go to mardi gras
  8. slide across car hood
  9. sit in hot spring in Japan
  10. take picture in a photo booth
  11. have best christmas lights in neighborhood 
  12. make sand/snow pong table
  13. float on river in tube
  14. throw a boomerang
  15. fill a pool with jello
  16. throw a bucket of glitter into air
  17. see snow leopard 
  18. donate to good will
  19. break a plate
  20. sleep while it’s light out
  21. scalp tickets
  22. ride electric floor buffer
  23. put shoes on electric cord
  24. go to maroon 5 concert 
  25. go on real safari
  26. build a house
  27. get all 50 quarters 
  28. build tree house
  29. ride mechanical bull
  30. go to Olympics
  31. wear a mood ring
  32. have a song dedicated to me
  33. be on Jumbotron
  34. glue coins to floor
  35. April fool someone
  36. have tea party
  37. try yoga
  38. buy a boat
  39. find out how the ship gets IN the bottle
  40. be hypnotized 
  41. go on habitat for humanity
  42. write “wash me” on a car
  43. swim with sharks 
  44. go to SNL show
  45. go to mosque 
  46. release a message in a bottle
  47. read Great Gatsby
  48. go to black market
  49. be on TV
  50. do a triathlon 
  51. get a Vermonster 
  52. go to Coldplay concert
  53. have a huge wad of money with all of it being ones and 100s on the outside
  54. beat 20 questions
  55. enter bermuda triangle 
  56. scare the shit out of a kid on halloween 
  57. see a midnight movie 
  58. finish a 1000 piece puzzle 
  59. climb one of those giant snow banks at mall
  60. crash a wedding!
  61. throw a dart at a map and road trip
  62. learn to water ski
  63. donate blood
  64. ice skate in Rockafellar
  65. milk a cow
  66. mush a dog sled
  67. climb a mountain 
  68. be in a protest 
  69. street perform 
  70. be a contestant on a game show
  71. desert dune buggy
  72. ride in R.V. 
  73. do zero gravity 
  74. lemonade stand 
  75. go inside white house
  76. meet a president 
  77. go inside White House
  78. plant a tree
  79. dance in the rain
  80. Vegas baby!
  81. ride in hot air balloon 
  82. learn to be a pilot
  83. attend X games
  84. caddy a golf game 
  85. take a picture with the “Welcome to…” signs 
  86. steal a road sign
  87. jump in water completely clothed
  88. sleep on trampoline
  89. scream at top of my lungs on a mountain 
  90. find Waldo for once
  91. be in a room with 99 red balloons and the song playing
  92. see solar eclipse 
  93. do a magic trick
  94. give someone without shoes a pair
  95. get absolutely lost 
  96. be on a jury
  98. see next Haley’s Comet in 2061
  99. dance on a bar
  100. put money in expired parking meter
  101. pie eating contest 
  102. watch turtles hatch and run to ocean
  103. Karaoke… badly
  104. have palm read
  105. become a vegetarian 
  106. hang with some cops
  107. get a caricature 
  108. have a picnic
  109. oreo lick race
  110. go to Oktoberfest
  111. do a successful cartwheel 
  112. kiss someone with a tongue ring
  113. get bartenders license 
  114. go to Philly for philly cheese steak 
  115. go to strip club
  116. build an igloo
  117. ding dong ditch 
  118. color my hair
  119. get a perm
  120. cut someone else’s hair
  121. throw a tomato at someone 
  122. egg a house 
  123. start the wave
  124. catch a firefly
  125. climb a water tower 
  126. see all the 007 movies
  127. hot-wire a car
  128. saw yes to everything for a day
  129. people watch 
  130. pool hop
  131. go on vacation w/o electrics 
  132. do a right turn only adventure
  133. kick down a door
  134. figure out how many darned licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie pop 
  135. sneak out 
  136. throw a pie in someone’s face/vice versa
  137. be an egg donor
  138. fly red eye
  139. leave self a letter in the library and find it 20 years later 
  140. give panhandler all money on me 
  141. brew own beer
  142. ride trans-siberian express
  143. stay out all night then go to class/work
  144. pole dance
  145. go to film premiere
  146. paint graffiti 
  147. appear in lineup
  148. paint my whole face for a sporting event 
  149. buy everyone in bar a drink
  150. ask out a complete stranger
  151. photocopy my own ass
  152. fly first class
  153. do successful handstand 
  154. learn some Italian for Pap
  155. name a star
  156. go to a zoo
  157. ride a horse
  158. join a book club
  159. knit someone something
  160. go on a cruise
  161. get a tattoo
  162. go backpacking 
  163. be an extra
  164. floor a car
  165. go vegan 
  166. do 365 photo challenge 
  167. send a secret to post secret 
  168. have a candlelit dinner
  169. bathe in waterfall
  170. drive across America coast to coast 
  171. sleep under stars
  172. build a beruit table
  173. watch all the Star Wars movies 
  174. see a reindeer
  175. run up escalator the wrong way
  176. make origami crane 
  177. be in a nudist colony/be a nudist 
  178. run a 10k 
  179. ride a unicycle 
  180. dunktank
  181. make a hole in one 
  182. go ice fishing 
  183. bowl a strike
  184. drink absinthe 
  185. stand on equator
  186. get a rescue
  187. find 4 leaf clover
  188. go to Hookah lounge 
  189. skydive 
  190. fly in a blimp
  191. pogo stick
  192. have a kosher meal 
  193. make pudding shots
  194. retry jello shots 
  195. drink beer out of a beer helmet
  196. go to bonnaroo
  197. go to Burning man 
  198. make a family tree
  199. visit 7 wonders of the world
  200. zip line
  201. see the Northern Lights
  202. Run a half marathon
  203. Get 25 minutes in a 5k
  204. Go a day without technology
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